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Bright Minds Preschool of the Main Line

Non-Discrimination Statement


All of us at Bright Minds Preschool are committing ourselves to put a stronger focus on diversity in our lesson plans and in our every day interactions with the children we care for.

As a childcare provider, we are tasked with educating and molding young minds- no small feat for sure. At Bright Minds Preschool, we made sure to build a team of individuals who not only understand this monumental task, but are passionate about it as well.

Among many core values, teaching diversity and acceptance is near the top. Even so, we recognize that we can still do better and have already taken steps to continue improving in these areas- such as adding more lesson plans that incorporate and focus on diversity and adding more diverse toys and books to our collection.

Not only do children take in what we teach, but they also take in what we do. It is during these young ages that even the smallest actions might make a lasting impression on a child. That is why as a staff we have decided that it isn't enough to talk the talk, but we need to model our beliefs as well and take steps towards making a difference.  If there is anything we can do to continue to improve in this area, please let us know.

Below, please find our official Non-discrimination policy which applies both to the admission of new clients as well as hiring employees.

Admissions, the provisions of services and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age or sex.


Program services shall be made accessible to eligible persons with disabilities through the most practical and economically feasible methods available.  These methods include, but are not limited to, equipment redesign and the provision of aides.  Structural modifications shall be considered only as a last resort among available methods.


Any individual who believes they have been discriminated against may file a complaint of discrimination with any of the following:


Bright Minds Preschool of the Main Line

150 Radnor Chester Road, Ste. F130

Wayne, PA 19087


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania PA Human Relations Commission

Department of Human Services Philadelphia Regional Office

Bureau of Equal Opportunity 110 N. 8th Street

Room 225, Health and Welfare Building Suite 501

PO Box 2675 Philadelphia, PA 19107

Harrisburg, PA 17105


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Human Services Office for Civil Rights

Bureau of Equal Opportunity Suite 372, Public Ledger Building

Southeast Regional Office 150 South Independence Mall West

801 Market Street, Suite 5034 Philadelphia, PA 19106-9111

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Non-Discrimination Statement and/or policies please contact us: 484-272-2582 or

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